Selection of Past Translation Endeavors (2011 – 2023)

Confidentiality Notice: I hold my clients’ privacy and the confidentiality of their projects in the highest regard. The projects enumerated below are presented in a non-specific, anonymized format to safeguard all parties’ interests, while offering you an overview of my service range and areas of expertise.

Intellectual Property (IP) and Scientific Documentation Clarification: It is important to note that any IP-related materials and scientific documents mentioned herein were classified as prior art at the moment they were assigned for translation. Such documents were already in the public domain and were translated expressly for informational purposes and to aid patent examiners at the USPTO. No confidential or proprietary information is disclosed in this list, and I maintain a strict confidentiality policy for all documents handled, during and after the completion of a project.

ProjectsLanguage PairWord CountArea of Expertise
涉及某国企科技公司的出口合规的文件、合同和邮件往来 (Documents, contracts, and email records of a Chinese state-owned technology company regarding export compliance)Simplified Chinese to English200k+Legal/finance
氨酯化不饱和水溶性乙烯基多元共聚物及其制备方法 (Urethanated unsaturated water-soluble vinyl multipolymer and preparation method thereof)Simplified Chinese to English14,317Patent – Chemical / Biological
一种加氢处理催化剂及其应用 (Hydrotreating catalyst and use thereof)Simplified Chinese to English13,562Patent – Chemical / Biological
移动终端、可穿戴设备和设备配对方法 (Mobile terminal, wearable device, and equipment pairing method)Simplified Chinese to English16,862Patent – Communication
Video Conferencing Display DeviceEnglish to Simplified Chinese7,455Patent – Communication
超声直线电机及其驱动的自动对焦/变焦系统 (Ultrasonic linear motor and automatic focusing/zooming system driven thereby)Simplified Chinese to English13,931Patent – Electric / Electronic
一种传屏方法及电子设备 (Screen transmitting method and electronic apparatus)Simplified Chinese to English13,268Patent – Electric / Electronic
电子烟、防止烟油渗漏的装置及方法 (Electronic cigarette, and apparatus and method for preventing tobacco tar from leaking)Simplified Chinese to English12,581Patent – Electric / Electronic
小型之長通道場效電晶體的結構及製造方法 (Structure and method for compact long-channel FETs)Traditional Chinese to English12,467Patent – Electric / Electronic
Wireless Energy Distribution SystemEnglish to Simplified Chinese27,970Patent – Energy / Battery
一种热泵驱动的膜式液体除湿与蓄能装置 (Heat pump-driven membrane-type dehumidification and energy storage device)Simplified Chinese to English11,603Patent – Energy / Battery
智慧型鉛酸電池充放電管理系統 (Smart lead-acid battery charging/discharging management system)Traditional Chinese to English11,054Patent – Energy / Battery
页面数据加载方法、及电子设备 (Method and electronic apparatus for loading of page data)Simplified Chinese to English21,906Patent – IT / Network / Communication
一种掌静脉识别的方法和掌静脉识别装置 (Method and device for palm vein identification)Simplified Chinese to English21,442Patent – IT / Network / Communication
判断网页类型的方法和装置 (Method and apparatus for identifying webpage type)Simplified Chinese to English16,324Patent – IT / Network / Communication
大直径单晶的制备方法和装置 (Process and apparatus for producing large-diameter single crystal)Simplified Chinese to English11,123Patent – Manufacturing
一种旋转式虹吸滗水机 (Rotary siphon decanting machine)Simplified Chinese to English10,666Patent – Mechanical / Hardware
微流体驱动及速度控制装置与方法 (Microfluidic driving and speed control apparatus and method)Simplified Chinese to English9,609Patent – Mechanical / Hardware
机械装置的具有参数学习的控制器及其参数学习方法 (Parameter learning controller in a machine device and learning method thereof)Simplified Chinese to English9,347Patent – Mechanical / Hardware
盐酸雷诺嗪缓释制剂及其制备方法 (Controlled-release ranolazine dihydrochloride formulation and preparation method thereof)Simplified Chinese to English11,938Patent – Medical / Life sciences / Pharmaceuticals
以减毒沙门氏菌为载体的肿瘤疫苗及其制备方法 (Attenuated salmonella-vectored tumor vaccine and preparation method thereof)Simplified Chinese to English10,592Patent – Medical / Life sciences / Pharmaceuticals
一种含抗体模拟物的新型抗生素及其制备方法与应用 (Novel antibiotic comprising antibody mimetic, preparation method and use thereof)Simplified Chinese to English10,585Patent – Medical / Life sciences / Pharmaceuticals
多區域光電開關裝置 (Multi-area electro-optical shutter device)Traditional Chinese to English8,327Patent – Optical
投影光学系统, 曝光装置以及设备的制造方法 (Projection optical system, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method)English to Simplified Chinese15,913Patent – Optical
专利局审查决定书 (Office Action): 显示装置、集成电路及其显示方法 (Integrated circuit for display apparatus and method thereof)Simplified Chinese to English10,061Patent – WOSA / Office Action
专利局审查决定书 (Office Action) (Control method for bi-stable displaying, timing controller, and bi-stable display device with such timing controller)Traditional Chinese to English6,506Patent – WOSA / Office Action
聚合物基空心微球的制备方法及应用 (Polymer-based hollow microspheres: preparation methods and applications)Simplified Chinese to English10,110Scientific papers – Chemical / Biological
芯片实验室 (微流芯片) 技术 Lab-on-a-chip (microfluidics) technologySimplified Chinese to English6,261Scientific papers – Chemical / Biological
基于 TOC 与计算智能的生产调度问题研究 (Production Scheduling Problem based on Theory of Constraint and Arithmetic Intelligence), Dalian University of TechnologySimplified Chinese to English24,614Scientific papers – IT / Network / Communication
多传感器目标识别的数据融合 (Multisensor data fusion for target identification)Simplified Chinese to English5,824Scientific papers – IT / Network / Communication
面成型光固化方法研究 (A novel plane prototyping method based on stereolithography)Simplified Chinese to English4,096Scientific papers – Mechanical / Hardware
利用杆状病毒-昆虫表达系统制备重组腺相关病毒的研究进展 (Research Progress in Preparation of Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus by Using a Baculovirus-Insect Expression System)Simplified Chinese to English7,732Scientific papers – Medical / Life sciences
Cre重组酶结构与功能的研究进展 (Progress in the Study on the Structure and Function of Cre Recombinase)Simplified Chinese to English6,704Scientific papers – Medical / Life sciences
恶性肿瘤术后合并不孕症患者经体外受精一胚胎移植治疗获妊娠3例报道并文献复习 (Successful pregnancy in women with infertility following surgeries for gynecological malignancies: report of 3 cases and literature review)Simplified Chinese to English6,577Scientific papers – Medical / Life sciences
X射线能量谱间接测量方法 (Indirect measurement of X-ray spectrum)Simplified Chinese to English6,102Scientific papers – Optical
基于激光超声的微裂纹检测技术的研究 (Microcrack detection based on laser-ultrasonic technology)Simplified Chinese to English3,004Scientific papers – Optical
基于外极线约束的快速精确立体匹配算法 (Fast and accurate stereo matching algorithm based on epipolar line restriction)Simplified Chinese to English3,873Scientific papers – Optical
中国金融集成电路 (IC) 卡规范 第12部分 (China financial integrated circuit card specifications — Part 12)Simplified Chinese to English38,301Legal
中国金融移动支付—应用安全规范 (China financial mobile payment—Specifications on application security)Simplified Chinese to English33,964Legal
卫生部毕业后医学教育委员会章程 (Charter of the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee, MOH)Simplified Chinese to English7,154Legal
园林景观设计合同补充协议 (Supplementary Contract for Landscape Design)Simplified Chinese to English3,760Legal
Sales Agreement (Shanghai Shining Biotechnology)Simplified Chinese to English7,447Legal
泵车调试质量记录 (Concrete Pump Adjustment Quality Records)Simplified Chinese to English31,805Business / Marketing / Education
The Complete Catalog – COOPEREnglish to Simplified Chinese21,334Business / Marketing / Education
Preparing to Invest, Key Investment Concepts, and Bank ProductsEnglish to Simplified Chinese19,090Business / Marketing / Education